Improve Your Child’s Self-Esteem… While They Discover The Secrets Of Creating Amazing Balloon Animals

A Special Message from Barak Dagan, Internationally-Acclaimed Balloon Artist:

Dear Parent,

Have you ever witnessed the amazement in the eyes of a child watching a balloon artist create incredible animals — right in front of them?

You may have seen it done on the street, at a festival, or even at a birthday party.

In any case, kids really enjoy watching balloon animals being made.

But — even more — they LOVE learning to make balloon animals by THEMSELVES.

For a child, it’s almost magical.

But it goes even further than that. Child psychology experts say that kids actually BENEFIT from learning skills such as creating balloon animals.

That’s because…

Instead Of Watching Balloon Animals Being Made, Teaching Kids To Do It EMPOWERS Them…

If you teach your kid how to create animal balloons, you’re helping them to become more confident and self-assured. You’re also helping them develop motor skills, spatial cognition, and hand-eye coordination.

As you may know, self-esteem is one of the most important personality traits (especially for kids), because it’s crucial to happiness later in life.

It helps them to live a better life and achieve more in the future… and that’s something that we, as parents, want for our children.


Kids LOVE to get creative — especially with their parents.

How do I know that?

Because I have 3 young sons and every time I sit down and teach them how to create a new balloon animal, they get super-excited…

“Daddy, This Is So Much Fun!”

My name is Barak Dagan and I’m an internationally-acclaimed, professional balloon artist.

In 2015 — after 17 years of employment — I left my big-salary job at a high technology company.

I did it because I wanted to devote myself to being a FULL-TIME BALLOON ARTIST!

Balloon art is fun, creative, and makes people happy — especially children.

And, the great thing is, it actually teaches numerous important skills such as self-esteem and hand-eye coordination.

Furthermore, kids learn to produce something TANGIBLE… which gives them a tremendous feeling of accomplishment.

And, because it’s FUN… they’ll stick with it.

(I can tell you that my kids love it!)

In short, I LOVE BALLOON and have twisted thousands upon thousands of them!

Over the last 12 years, I’ve taught THOUSANDS of people how to create balloon animals. I’ve also participated in major balloon art contests at international conventions.

For example…

  • I taught at the biggest balloon twisting convention in the world.
  • I took part in the Guinness World Record for the largest balloon project. And…
  • I have displayed my art in two solo exhibitions.

As you can see, I’m serious about having fun with balloons!

Anyway, for months, I worked hard to bring children a course that explains the secrets of creating colorful, eye-catching balloon animals and objects.

In this course, I teach parents and their child — step-by-step — how to create awesome balloon animals that provide fun and enjoyment.

The Secrets of Ballooning with Bob and Barak is a fun, video-based course that your children will love.

This online course consists of 8 entertaining episodes that explain the secrets to creating AWESOME balloon animals.

It’s great for both boys and girls — especially those approximately 4 to 9 years old.

Here’s Your Chance To Discover
The Amazing World Of “Balloon Twisting”…

My course provides NUMEROUS benefits…

  • The Secrets of Ballooning with Bob and Barak will help improve your child’s motor skills, creativity, spatial cognition, and eye-hand coordination.
  • Your child will learn to create eye-grabbing balloon animals for his or her friends in class… at home… or anywhere! (This will help to improve your children’s self-esteem.)
  • You and your child will have fun together. This “bonding” time will further strengthen your relationship.
  • Your kid will learn a positive and entertaining activity. Children LOVE balloons — they can twist them for hours!
  • A child’s learning process is mostly based on imitation of grown-ups. The videos are designed to teach children and help them to be successful.
  • This entertaining video course was reviewed by experts — psychologists and doctors. It was well received by them because it’s proven to increase your kid’s self-esteem.
  • Your child will experience a sense of achievement. Creating balloon animals is an activity that may help prevent them from developing anxiety issues… because they’ll learn how to be patient and feel that he or she created something of value.
  • 5-star production quality that includes colorful, visually appealing footage, spectacular audio, and high-quality dialogue created by a professional scriptwriter. And of course there is Bob, the puppet, who was specially designed to have a positive influence on kids… plus, Bob’s funny!
  • The tutorial part of the video is simple. It’s perfect for children. They’ll be able to create balloon animals that are easy to make without feeling frustrated.
  • The course was made for the purpose of empowering kids. That’s why it contains emotional dialogue, funny scenes, and challenges that any kid can identify with.
  • These high-quality videos contain great, colorful balloons that children LOVE. Their entertainment is guaranteed!
  • You’ll learn everything you need to know about making amazing balloon animals with your child. This includes twisting, inflating, safety, and the best kind of balloons to use…

Here’s A Sneak Peek At Some Of The Projects Your Child Will Learn To Create…

When You Order, Here’s What You Get…

My 50-minute training program is broken down into 8 concise, child-sized episodes. They feature me (Barak)… and my puppet, Bob.

All the videos are high-quality and downloadable — NO DVD player is required.

Each episode is fun, entertaining, EDUCATIONAL, and teaches a positive life lesson.

Here’s a list of the episodes…

Episode #1:

Bob and Barak introduce themselves and teach the children how to make a cute balloon dog.

Duration: 07:47 minutes

Episode #2:

The power is off and Bob is afraid of the dark. Barak helps him understand that it’s OK to be afraid. Barak teaches the children how to make a balloon sword to protect them from fake fears.

Duration: 05:30 minutes

Episode #3:

Bob falls in love… and Barak talks to him about it. Barak creates a beautiful balloon swan.

Duration: 06:37 minutes

Episode #4:

Bob is plans a surprise party for Barak’s birthday… but makes a mistake! Barak teaches him how to make a balloon birthday crown!

Duration: 05:34 minutes

Episode #5:

Barak gets his favorite kind of chocolate from his uncle, but Bob has a toothache. Barak teaches Bob how to make a red & white candy cane.

Duration: 05:52 minutes

Episode #6:

Bob want to give his mom a flower, but realizes he is allergic to flowers. Barak teaches how to make a gorgeous balloon flower.

Duration: 06:09 minutes

Episode #7:

Bob is sad because his caterpillar disappeared. Barak helps him… while creating a balloon butterfly.

Duration: 06:12 minutes

Episode #8:

Bob and Barak celebrate the end of the show… and Barak teaches him how to make a balloon heart.

Duration: 05:01 minutes

You’ll Also Get TWO Special Bonuses

An 18-minute guessing game that shows how I create 20 beautiful balloons. (Children love to watch while trying to guess which balloon I will I make next.)

This is a TIME-LAPSE video (with music) that shows… in a fun way… the creation process of all the balloon animals.

An instructional video that teaches parents (and children) important things about balloons. For example…

  • Why it’s important to buy high quality balloons.
  • What balloons are made of and are they biodegradable?
  • Safety instructions.
  • How to inflate a modelling balloon. (It is impossible to blow up these balloons with your mouth!)
  • How to tie a balloon easily and without hurting your fingers.
  • How to make a balloon that will last FOREVER without shrinking.

The Experts Agree…

The Secrets Of Ballooning With Bob And Barak

Marik Kazinitz, MA
Clinical Psychologist

“The Secrets of Ballooning” is connected to my work as a psychologist who deals with anxiety through gradual exposure. it was found that early exposure to risk situations via a virtual reality simulator reduces the chances of suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder in the future. 

Orit Meller, MA
Clinical Psychologist

The balloon may explode if pressed too hard or overly inflated, and make a loud, terrifying noise, and therefore, emotional resources must be mobilized when working with a balloon, such as courage, determination and perseverance. All these build and shape the child’s confidence and self-image.

I highly recommend “The Secrets of Ballooning”

Nir Yoels, MA
Psychotherapist, MFT

The videos are accompanied by key phrases that are meaningful for the children, such as “don’t worry, the balloon can take it”, or in other words – trust yourself and your balloon. In his videos, Barak emphasizes the significance of “trusting” yourself and that the action you are about to carry out is possible.

Dr. David Avran
MD, Pediatrician

Playing and sharing these “rendez-vous” could help bringing closer the child and his parents especially because they both meet out of their zone of confidence.

Gabriel Tzur, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist

Such an experiential and creative hobby may also advance mental processes related to imagination and creative skills, as well as contribute to the sense of self-worth and self-efficacy… This process may also contribute to the advancement of the child’s social skills.

Note: For the FULL testimonials from our experts, please CLICK HERE.

There’s NOTHING Else Like This…

Most of the balloon courses out there are very basic and made by clowns — NOT professional balloon artists with years of experience.

The Secrets of Ballooning with Bob and Barak is unique. You can see everything being done — step-by-step. That makes the process a lot easier to follow than the WRITTEN instructions of some other courses.

It’s specifically designed to appeal to CHILDREN. The videos are short, so they help hold the attention of young children. And, on top of all that, they’re FUN!

Special Introductory Offer…

You won’t have to break the piggy bank to get The Secrets of Ballooning with Bob and Barak.

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Barak Dagan
Internationally-Acclaimed Balloon Artist

P.S. This is a fun skill that your kid will carry with them for the rest of their life. So, order today…

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